Keepsake Cards

At Irwin’s Funeral Directors, we empathise with your pain of losing a person that is very dear to you. The Keepsake Card, created by David Mc Gowan, is designed to enable you to keep a lock of hair, a fingerprint, or some ash close to you at all times. The card is designed to fit in your wallet or phone case as it is about the size of a credit card.
You can combine a photo, with some ash or a lock of hair, and keep them protected inside The Keepsake Card. The Keepsake Card is a beautiful way to hold your loved one close to you. Many draw comfort from being able to connect in a special way while holding The Keepsake Card.
For many, the card has helped them through the toughest days of grief, knowing that they can feel a physical connection while at the same time being able to feel a sense of spiritual connection. Everyone grieves differently, and the trauma of loss can delay the grief journey for a long time for some. Having a part of your loved one with you, can be a solace at times when you miss your loved one the most.
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